‘Ashok Vatika’ in Sri Lanka which has been sanctified with visits of Sitamata and Hanuman and just its ‘darshan’ invokes ‘bhav’!

Rama, Lakshman and Sita temple built on the banks of River Sita in ‘Sita Eliya’ village in mountainous region of Sri Lanka ! There is a thick forest behind Rama, Lakshman, Sita temple. One look at the forest invoked ‘bhav’ in us which is actually ‘Ashok Vatika’ sanctified by the presence of Sitamata.

History of Hindu culture in Sri Lanka !

Hindu culture was followed in Sri Lanka for ages. 2300 years ago, Buddhism entered Sri Lanka due to Sanghamitra, the daughter of King Ashok. Though 70 % of the population in Sri Lanka follows Buddhism now, there are several places giving evidence of presence of Shriram, Seeta and Lakshman.